Project Progress

Article by Jeremy Fung
Project Progress


My first LBS project was the drift ice field using Houdini, which is a node-based program. This allows for creating procedural workflows in creating systems. This system was made on a global scale, meaning that all the ice were created using one piece of geometry. The ice surface are being affected with noise patterns and the same applies to the height of the ice.

I’m still trying to make the system more procedural and faster to cook.

The century egg project is apparently going well too. I managed to match the colours, but I still need to match the chaotic nature of the cut marks. There are overall a lot more things to be done to finish this project. I am still having noise flickering issues when rendering a sequence which is my main concern at the moment.

My third project is matching the reference if you don’t see the reference. I’m not too happy about my current progress, as I feel that I don’t understand particles too well and that I could do a lot to control the particles. Hopefully I will have more positive news to report on my next update.