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About Me

I am an aspiring FX artist interested in the art of replicating photorealism and natural phenomenons. My goals have led me to Lost Boys School of VFX, where I am focusing on improving my attention to detail and learning Houdini FX. I am eligible to work in Canada

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Shot Breakdown

I am a formally trained Houdini fx artist.

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  • RBD
  • Procedural Geo
  • Crowd Anim
  • Particles


Group Project

Water Gliders

Crowd Animation

Frigid Fractures

Procedural Geometry

Composed Chaos

Digital Destruction


This is where you can keep up with some of my activities. I am testing this system for now. I may transfer this portion to a separate blog in the future.

August 2015

by Jeremy

Project Progress

My first LBS project was the drift ice field using Houdini, which is a node-based program. This allows for creating procedural workflows in creating systems. This system was made on a global scale, meaning that all the ice were created using one piece of geometry...

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August 2015

by Jeremy

Plans for the Site

Hello and welcome to my portfolio page.

I currently am trying to integrate this section into a blog format. If I can’t find a good format for organizing the site, I may just drop the idea and have my portfolio here.

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Contact Me

If you like my work and would like to work with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.